About Us

Sarah is the dynamic mother of a beautiful little girl and the owner/head instructor of Bend & Strap Pilates.

Sarah has extensive experience as a top athlete, spending 18 years competing in track and field. Pilates was introduced to her by some of the top recovery specialists, mainly as a form of injury prevention and therapy for on-going sciatic nerve problems.
Since experiencing the transformative effects of Pilates for herself, it has been her vision to help enhance the lives of others and enable them to step into their power through the practise. 

Becoming a mother has lead Sarah on a journey of self-discovery and connectedness that has ultimately led her to creating Bend & Strap, with the hope of helping others in their journey to connect mind, body and spirt.
Given the stress created by the ever-changing world around us, Sarah ultimately wants to give people a space to come to, where they can give back to themselves, while connecting with like-minded people.


Our small sized Reformer Pilates classes allow us to give a more focussed and individualised class experience with the aim of it being energetic, balanced and fun.
Bend & Strap looks to break the mould on the traditional Pilates experience by incorporating a more holistic approach. Each class is concluded with a short period of guided meditation, designed to help you feel more present, relaxed and uplifted.
We strive to create connectedness within our space, by offering soul nourishing events such as Full Moon circles and Cacao Ceremonies to round out what we know will be a one of a kind experience.

Whether you prefer Reformer Pilates or Mat Pilates, Bend & Strap is here to give you the best Pilates experience possible.